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Owner Self-Training Program – Train Your Own Service Dog

  • You will learn all the important skills of service dog training
  • You will learn how to teach your dog step by step to help you deal with your daily life challenges.
  • You will be able to train your dog specifically for the type of disabilities you have.
  • We will assign you a professional service dog trainer as your own individual tutor for any questions you might have during the online training.
  • We will provide you with a service dog training log book to chart your progress and keep a written record of your training history.
  • We will provide you with a free service dog training app with training tools so that you can train your dog anytime anywhere.
  • Once you have completed the course with a passing grade, you will receive a Trained Service Dog Certificate and your dog partner will be certified as a Service Dog with all the training records.

About the Service Dog Training Course
Are you looking to train your own dog to become a service dog? If you have answered yes, this could be the ideal distance learning course for you and your dog. Our online Certified Intensive Service Dog Training Course is developed by our team of trusted, experienced behavioral experts, who have 30+ years of combined professional animal care and dog training experience. The topics cover everything from learning about service dog breeds, history, legalities, behavior, body, and vocal language as well as basic and advanced training techniques. This online course is spread over 8 distinct modules. Altogether the course should take approximately 120 hours in total.

Who should study this course?
This home study qualification is aimed at individuals who want to train their own service dog, or who want to find work as service dog trainers to help others start their service dog training journey.

At our  Training School, we don’t ask our students to have any puppy training experience or qualifications before they enroll. All we ask is that they and their dog friends have to motivation to embark on a new educational journey.


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