About Us

About The U.S. Service Animal Registrar

U.S. Service Animal Registrar has helped thousands of individuals register their animals and pets as service and support animals all over the country. Based in Pennsylvania, we are the largest registry currently available online and have assisted people with a variety of issues concerning how to officially register and travel with their service dogs. As well as offering a wide variety of resources for those who have questions about service animal and emotional support animal qualification.

Since 2016, it has been our goal to help those with disabilities understand what is necessary to register their animal, which disabilities qualify you to travel with one, and what your rights are in regard to owning an animal that assists you with everyday tasks.

Helping You Register

Our site can help you decide how to register your animal and under which description best fits it. There are several different service animal types that qualify:

  • Service dogs for the physically disabled
  • Emotional support animals
  • Seizure alert and response dogs
  • Guide dogs for the blind
  • Therapy animals

Our site is easy to use and asks a few simple questions about your animal so that you can register it properly. Once the registry is complete, it can be accessed by any service, such as an airline, or a landlord to verify that your animal is allowed to accompany you in almost any area of airports, planes, buses and in buildings that may otherwise not allow animals, such as a grocery store.

A History of Assistance

Since our inception, we have helped countless individuals who need to keep their trusted service animals by their sides, no matter the reason. Registering your animal provides you with the proper identification materials you need, and we can also provide you with a variety of resources that can help you understand what steps are required to register your service animal, such as training certifications.

At U.S. Service Animal Registrar, it is our goal to ensure your service dog is allowed to remain by your side, no matter where you may travel. For questions from legal qualifications to service animal housing rights, we can help.

To register your animal, please visit the registration page.

If you need assistance please use the live chat or contact us here.