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Register your service dog to take your service animal with you in plublic

Service Animal Registration starts at $39.94

Service Dog ID Card Features

Front of Service Dog Registration ID Card

TRY IT YOURSELF: Click on the Registration Number: US-SAR-95199370


Simple and Easy

Since this is the organization the airlines requires for registration to fly I looked into it. I have seizure alert dog for travel, etc. They were quick to respond to my requests. Thank you for making this such a simple process for me.



I have pretty moderate to severe anxiety and registering my doggy Jack as an ESA has been more than a relief. He’s like my security blanket, and now I’m able to legally take him around wherever need be.


Beat Apartment No-Pet Policy

So grateful for this company and what they did for me and my dog Dexter. I have a lot of anxiety and being able to register Dexter as a ESA was such a big help to my wife and I when we had to move. Most apartment complexes in New York have a “no-pet” policy. Therefore, being able to register him and having instant documentation we were able to live in an apartment complex despite the “no-pet” policy. All thanks to the US Service Animal Registrar.

New York

Easy as Sit

The registration process was super easy and I received my paperwork promptly.

New Jersey

Register NOW

My entire experience was pleasant from beginning to end. I would recommend anyone in need of this type of service to use this one.


Instant Registration

The online ordering was extremely east. Asked to receive instant documents, received them via email as soon as I finished! Got the packet within a week. Tags looks gorgeous!!!!!! Love the fact that my dog has a registration number!


Wal-Mart Here I Come

Always had a problem going to wal-mart with my dog. They always asked me to prove he was a service dog. Now I show them his ID and no one asks me anything anymore! Perfect!

New Jersey


WOW! Got the paperwork instantly via email! Certificate and ID came right away!



So pleased, thank you!



Simple convenient process.


Just filled out the initial paperwork. The process was easy and website worked well


very easy to understand


Easy to navigate website, great questions.


Very fast and easy!




Good experience


great service, wonderful and I

great service, wonderful and I appreciate what you guys do


I could not be happier,

I could not be happier, thank you. Quick and easy


The last minute decision to

The last minute decision to register our dog prior to an out of state trip sent me scurrying to find the best solution. Thank goodness I happened upon this site. They are by far the most affordable, efficient and reliable service I have done business with online in a while. I received the email certificate and ID promptly as promised and everything looked and worked out great. Thank you so much!


This is an excellent organization.

This is an excellent organization. Their products arrived within days after ordering. The harness, and leash are very durable and proudly display my male Pitbull as a service dog. The ID cards come printed like a drivers license and fit perfectly in my wallet. My dog loves wearing his Service Dog harness. It is comfortable for all occasions. The bright red color of the jacket with white Service Dog lettering stands out so we are easily seen which is a great safety factor. Best value for my dog and me.


I ordered a package deal

I ordered a package deal and was so excited when it finally arrived! It felt like Christmas for Nico! Everything came in a week’s time frame and was of great quality! Nico looked so nice in his new Harness and gear! Thanks so much!


Registration with the United States Service Animal Registrar is IMMEDIATE and can be Verified INSTANTLY

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